Gold Belly Button Rings

Adorn Your Navel with Gold Belly Button Rings and Jewelry


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Gold Belly Button Rings

You've come to the right place for gold belly button rings and navel jewelry in the styles, shapes, and designs that will complement your personal fashion styles. With a wide variety of choice in selection and price, there is virtually no limit to what you can do to make your belly button piercing a unique work of art.



Gold Belly Button Rings - Status, Beauty and Sensuality

Many people prefer the traditional gold-colored navel rings because of its status, beauty and sensuality. Gold jewelry is an alloy of gold, in which other metals are added to gold to make it harder and more durable.  The proportion of gold in an alloy or the quality of a gold alloy is expressed in terms of karats.

10 kt contains the least amount of actual gold metal, and the most alloy metal than any other grade; 14 kt, 18 kt 22 kt, and 24 kt each has more gold respectively. 24 kt gold is considered “pure” gold, but it is too soft and malleable for most jewelry and is therefore not often used. 

Prices vary, depending on several factors including karat (kt) grade (10 kt, 14 kt, 18, 22, and 24kt.), thickness (gauge), manufacturer, and design components.

White Gold Belly Button Rings

Some people prefer white or silvery colored gold, known as “white gold.”  Technically there is no such thing as white gold; all gold in its natural state is yellow in color.  It is the type and amount of alloy metal combined with the gold that gives the gold its various shades of whiteness.  Gold is typically combined with metals such as nickel, palladium, or platinum, and plated with rhodium to give it a more white appearance.

If your budget is tight, you will may wish to go with a lower karat grade gold ring, such as 10kt or 14 kt, which will cost less than a higher karat grade such as 18kt or 22kt.  Before you buy, you should carefully check product descriptions for each item, including sizing, materials, etc. as many retailers will not accept returns of body jewelry except for manufacturer's defect or an ordering/shipping error.

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 Gold Belly Button Rings
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